What Camera Should I Get

Ok, so I failed piecing together the profile. Bummer.
But in the meantime, I’ve been really busy.

I just finished building a cool new site just in time for holiday shopping called What Should I Get? You pick a product and it will tell you very simply what you should get.

Check it!



Second [sic] Day

Train with Tyrone twice
take dogs to Feist
call Gacre Bernal/Hal Brown
vacuum car
grocery store
cutco fair n show guide
find out times for fsir and what I need to bring
clean for twenty
put clothes n car

Third Day

continue trunk feature
organize basement
walk dogs
study approaches for fair
clean for thirty
vacuum car
grocery store(brita)
call hal brown/cheri coffman/grace bernal
set up appt. for dogs
no eating after 10

Second Day

Train with Tyrone
Continue trunk feature
Cutco fair n show practice
Golf 45
clean for thirty
watch tape
walk dogs
go thorugh inbox
practice piano

First Day

Start trunk Feature
Organize Basement
Order cleats n shit from eastbay
R/W (read and write)
Walk dogs
Clean for thirty
make calls (3 appt.)
Tyrone…..Abs with Tyrone
Organize shit under desk
Talk to you tonight